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Most people reading this would never imagine that a business that developed a revolutionary wind turbine would advocate for a total energy solution including solar.


We know that even though our start speed is 1.5mph wind speeds that there are times when you have zero wind. There are many times when you have zero solar. A solution that combines state of the art wind turbines with a small back up of solar power ensures 100% coverage, day or night, storming or calm. 


  • Smaller in size

  • More efficient

  • Lower start speed Quieter

  • Less drag Environmentally friendly Wildlife Friendly Portable

  • Versatile

  • Faster ROI

  • Better than all direct competitors Patented Alternator

  • Patented Wind Turbine Design Alternating Current ( AC ) 


The way the iPod revolutionized how we listen to music is the same way the MicroCube can revolutionize the energy industry.


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Founded in 2012 after the severe tornado outbreak across North Alabama, our founder Robert Yost saw a need for a small, renewable energy source that could be used in populated residential areas. This is why American Wind was founded.

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