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All one kilowatt micro wind turbines have one thing in common, they are not micro. This is where American Wind, Inc and our products come into play, when we say micro, we mean it. The MicroCubeâ„¢, MicroSphere and WindWall are significantly smaller than traditional wind turbines. Traditional turbines are measured in feet or meters. Our products are so small we have to measure in centimeters and inches.  


When comparing renewable energy systems of 100kW max output a vast difference becomes apparent. With the exception of American Wind Inc’s Advanced WindWall, 100kW systems are not small.


The infrastructure and space needs of these older technologies become limiting in their application. However, that is not the case with American Wind Inc’s products. We believe that saving space while supplying equivalent energy is one of the greatest advantages we hold.  


Traditional turbines lose up to 97% of energy out of the wind before they ever start to generate power.


This is not a marketing statement but a mathematical fact. The design of traditional turbines means that the volume of air passing between the blades while they rotate is a loss in energy.


This is another area where we take advantage of our unique design.


The MicroCube covers 95% of the surface area of the wind. This directly translates into a 3,170% gain in efficiency.

Energy Loss.JPG


Our greatest advantage, is the ability to work in wind speeds far lower than traditional wind turbines. Low wind speeds are typically a plague to wind turbines. This is why you see traditional turbines with structures standing thirty meters or higher. They need these structures because the higher wind speeds are above thirty meters. If a traditional wind turbine gets into a situation where the average wind speed is three to five miles per hour they simply can not gather enough energy out of the wind. This is where we come in. The Micro-Cube works in just a slight breeze. 



Shhh... Do you hear that? Thats about 40 dB, the sound level of a library. A normal conversation between two people, 60 dB. The traffic on the street outside, 70 dB. That large wind turbine powering your house, 105 dB. Did you notice that traditional turbines are 300yds plus away from residential and business real estate?


That's because 105 dB is as loud as a lawn-mower, you couldn't hear yourself think if they were any closer.


That is where the MicroCube differs. With a sound level of just 44 dB you can barely hear them function. Now that is not 44dB from 300yds away but standing right next to it.    


Something we hear all the time when talking about our automotive applications is drag. During our testing we showed a very low drag coefficient similar to modern cars. At 100mph wind speeds, our turbine only produces 10 pounds of force. This is equivalent to sticking your hand out the window. 

INEXpix (3).jpg
INEXpix (2).jpg


An advantage of our turbines is that they are very environmentally friendly. Where some green technologies use corrosive or harmful materials in their design the MicroCube is made mainly of recyclable material. So even though it has a lifespan of nearly 30yrs you can recycle most of the plastic at the end of its life or simply do a core exchange and let the turbine continue to produce power for another 30 yrs.


A problem with traditional turbines is that while they are environmentally friendly, they are not a friend to wildlife. Traditional turbines kill hundreds of bats and other flying animals a year. Because of this many have to have wild life detection systems which cause their own problems. When these detection systems shut the turbines down one to three megawatts drop off the grid instantly. Another major threat to wildlife is the deforestation caused by the installation of large turbines. To install a traditional wind turbine in wooded areas;  the installation company must destroy a large area of the natural habitat for local wildlife. The MicroCube doesn’t have any of these problems and they will not harm wildlife, they never have to be shut off and if one is damaged you only lose at maximum one kilowatt. This means no wildlife is harmed and no significant loss of power due to animal interference. Keeping the wildlife in the air, in their habitat and the lights on at your house at the same time.    

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