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The MicroCube is a micro wind turbine primarily in the shape of a cube. It was developed to fill a need that lagging legacy technology created. Unlike traditional turbines we did not make the MicroCube bigger, instead we made it smaller. By making it smaller we reduced losses in energy production. But to make it smaller we had to recreate the alternator as we know it. We devel-oped a first of its kind alternator, which is what powers this unique wind turbine. With its 11 air foils we capture more energy out of the wind than any other turbine ever created. 



Like the MicroCube, the MicroSphere is also a 1kW max power wind turbine. But the difference comes in that the MicroSphere was made to be a stand alone unit. With its circuit board built into the case and its rugged tail system, the Micro-Sphere is a stand alone unit that can be both portable or stationary. This unit is ideal for: porta-
ble power, tiny homes, war fighter support, camping, tailgating or anything else you might need small amounts of  power for. 



The WindWall was made as a larger power solution than the MicroCube. The WindWall is 50 MicroCube’s arranged into a larger array the size of a sheet of plywood.  This allows for greater power output without increasing the mechanical loss of the wind turbine system. Being a fixed directional wind turbine system, it is best used in places where you have fixed wind directions. Some but not all of these areas include : Ocean Front Property, River fronts, Large Buildings or simply any area where you generally have fixed wind directions. 



Our most advanced wind turbine system producing 100kW at max power. The Advanced WindWall (AWW) is a revolution in the wind turbine market, not because of its power output or its size but both. The AWW much like the standard WindWall is an array of MicroCubes but contains 100units that sits on a base that has a worm geared motor to keep the turbines turned into the wind at all times. This is extremely important as the AWW has a cut in speed of just 1.5mph. 

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