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Versatility is built into the design of the our products. This is something that no other wind turbine can say.  Because of this versatility our products fit into many different vertical markets. 

  • Automotive

  • Heavy Transportation

  • Local Transportation

  • Rail Transportation

  • Boats

  • Recreational Vehicles Urban

  • Suburban Housing

  • Multi-Story Buildings

  • Light/Power Transmission poles

  • Air Conditioning Units

  • Bicycles/Motorcycles

  • Portable Towers

  • Military / NGO Support

  • Auxiliary Aircraft Power

  • Cell Phone/ Radio Towers  


There is a simple solution to creating a grid in areas that do not have power. But, there are two problems. The areas without power need power immediately. It takes time to build a grid. We have developed a two part solution to this problem. First you install our Advanced WindWall at the site where you need power now.


These Advanced WindWalls are outfitted with battery storage built directly into the tower. This allows for constant power no matter the wind speed. The second part of the solution is to start building your grid. Then as you get to areas where the Advanced Wind-Walls are you simply hook them into the grid. You use each of the Advanced WindWalls and their battery systems to load balance, sharing all of their power amongst the entire grid.


This means areas with less wind are having their batteries charged by areas with higher wind or even solar panels you have attached to the grid. This ensures no matter the weather conditions power is always there. 


The technical losses are due to energy dissipated in the conductors, equipment used for trans-mission line, transformer, sub transmission line and distribution line and magnetic losses in transformers.


Technical losses are normally 22.5%, and directly depend on the network characteristics and the mode of operation, The major amount of losses in power system is primary and secondary distribution lines. While transmission and sub-transmission lines account for only about 30% of total losses.


Monitoring of your energy systems should be a vital part of your day to day operations.


When you monitor you energy system you can see where the wasted energy is. Making your business more productive and energy efficient, this in-turn saves you money.


Also with our monitoring system you will be able to pin point how much power every single turbine is producing. This can help you plan your power output and production schedules. 

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